Shaded Dots

There is this theory out there that every vote counts.  You have to use your voice if you want to be heard, go out and rock the vote!  What amazes is me about this concept is that we only really hear about it every 2 to 4 years, and then basically nothing in-between.  I won’t even mention that “Rocking the Vote” is hardly ever accompanied by “Educate the Vote”, because why spend money on facts when we can blast much more effective waves of political slandering.  What sources can we even trust to help properly educate us anyway!? Even the purest intentions seem to corrupt, given enough time and money.  Impartiality feels like a dream, this is a nightmare.

People should be made aware that they are voting every day, with every action, with every inaction, we’re doing it all the time. Voting during election cycles is important, I’ll not argue that point, but life voting is more important.  It doesn’t matter if you voted for Democrat or Republican candidates if you spend the rest of your time penciling in counter-directional ballots.  One person’s actions can seem insignificant when considered against the whole, but they do matter, especially so when considered in context with the whole instead of against it.  We faithful head to the poles every election cycle, not because the decision will come down to a single vote, we do it in hopes of joining of joining our voice with the choir, so that it might be heard.  This is where the system is broken, this is where everything gets convoluted. There are usually only 2 choices, and neither of them actually match up with what most of us want or believe.

Convulsion may be the reason we make such shitty decisions with our day-to-day life votes.  We think that even though something feels wrong, buying needless possessions or having that k-cup of coffee, it’s ok because we only have two options; either we have them or we don’t, and one seems just as bad as the other.  If I alone can’t do anything to stop the terrible things in the world, why even try?

We try because #MePlusYouMakesTwo.  Every day is voting day: our hands are a pencil, every dollar a dot.  Show up.

Let’s talk more soon.

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