6 inch Soapbox

The last thing I want to do with my writing is to alienate by coming off as preachy.  Yes, there is a lot of passion in my beliefs, but that doesn’t mean I’m elevated above the crowd while I’m speaking, I’m just one of the short guys in the corner who yells and yells in hopes for someone to hear me.

!This is important! I am not a perfect human being, I am a flawed human being who wants to do better. After Brianna and I returned home from the gym yesterday night, which was a perfect cap to a very positive and healthy day, we were all set to cook some turkey burgers and vegetables for dinner. I want to be able to tell you that we had turkey burgers for dinner, which were thawed out and a mere 10 minutes away from being our dinner. What happened instead was Chinese delivery: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Crab Rangoon, Fried Rice. This kind of flipflop isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a great example of how we did something that was completely unnecessary just because we could. To go on record, it was my idea and not Brianna’s.

Passion is now the easy part. The hard bit is keeping the darkness at bay while you purposefully trudge through the swamp of sadness. Just because I write entries about keeping everything positively in context doesn’t mean that the very next morning doesn’t have me doubting the value of everything I’m trying to do. I don’t use any single serving plastic items in a day, yay!  Then, NPR reminds me that hundreds of thousands of people in Flint are using bottles of water, not just to drink, but to take baths. I mean, how can I make a difference when millions of people in Asia just throw their garbage into the ocean because they think that the ocean will purge it all away naturally?

I want to be part of the solution, and I do believe that we have to first become the change, however insignificant that impact may seem. I’m not giving up, I just wanted to remind you that I’m a flawed human being. There is no soapbox, only me.

Let’s talk more soon.

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