My yellow bird

There is a little yellow bird that I keep inside a cage, chirping incessantly. She says the things I already know, the things I’ll never be.

“It doesn’t matter how many reps you do, it’ll never bring him back. You can reduce, reuse, recycle, and he will never cut you slack. I do not think you understand, how everything you do, does not matter for much of anything, however valiantly you might pursue. I’m not saying that you should give up now, I’m saying you need to know, that everything you’re doing, is nothing with less in tow. You bring me with you for a reason, the reason you’ll never let me go, to remind you what you’re thinking, a melodic ego blow.”

I want to put my hand inside the cage and pet her gently, to feel beak the break through my skin and let the blood run free. She doesn’t mean to hurt me, it comes so naturally, but this is why I bring her, this is what I need.

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