Concisely elegant

My brain was a raging head of ache by the time I finished writing my last post up here. I’m not sure if the writing caused the headache or if the headache caused the erratic writing. As this writing more regularly thing hasn’t been a habit of mine for sometime, it’s taken a bit for me to get used to again. For me, habitually writing is kind of like an old favorite pair of gloves that still fits, even if only a bit awkwardly. The thinking part is easy, it’s the writing things how they are in my brain that’s the hard.

I want to communicate my ideas in concisely elegant ways. Inexperience gives way to anger when the post drags on and I haven’t made my point yet, not even close. This is the thing in my brain that I needed to get out today. No headache & no anger –> Mission Accomplished.


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