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The holiday season is, among other things, a major routine disrupter. More than that, it also shows us which routines and habits that we’ve actually committed to making a part of ourselves. My most recent journal post is a perfect example of what the holidays do to us: I’ve been trying to and succeeding in writing more often, but trying to keep up with that habit produced a single entry that made little or no sense. If writing was really as important a piece of my life as I’d like it to be, I would have made time for it. No, I wouldn’t have had to make time for it because it would have just naturally happened, much like breathing and eating.

One thing I did have right in my previous journal entry was the affect that sharing a goal can have on the future success or failure of shared goal. You may feel like yourself right now, but it’s important to understand that the person you think that you are is probably not the same person that the people have painted of you inside their heads. These painting/opinions of you are not static, ever so are they changing, yet never so can they suffer so broad of a wide tip brush stroke change. People, including our loved ones, have a hard time with change, even when it has nothing to do with them. I’ve always found sharing my goals and ideas with family and friends to be such the struggle, more akin to standing trial than to a meaningful conversation. Taking one to knowing one, I do this too, which makes my feelings even more aggravated fore another change in we must do.

This past year has been a personal success, even if many of the fruit buds have required soil topped with ashes. The next steps have to include a more outward facing change of self, the habit that is both seen and done. Writing is to a book as Logic Pro is to creating music.


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