I’m sitting in my basement, and with not lack of stuff to look at and wonder “why do I keep that?” In the same sentence, perhaps the very same heartbeat, I tell myself how much I need all of these things… because one day, maybe not today or tomorrow or even in 2017, I may want or need one of these things. My heart wants to let go, but the logical brain will not let me let it go, not without excising heavily on my emotions.

Shhhh, you can hear them if you stay quiet. If there is an angel floating above my right shoulder and a devil perched upon my left, then the angel is surely my left-brain arguing with the logical devil of my right. Some of these things are items that I’ve had for so long that, somehow, simply being in my possession for an extended period of time has inexplicably increased their value. I have always taken new things into my life with little to no questioning, unaware of their silent quests toward tenure.

It’s not a matter of right or left, wrong or right, it’s a matter of truth and lies. Our brains are in a state of confused fighting as a product of an environment that is layered in advertisements and denial. In a society where veracity is supposed to be a foundational ethical principle, how have we grown so accustomed to lying to ourselves? A statement made about yourself, from yourself, does not make it true… even if no one else is around.

Chin-up, we’ll talk more soon.

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