There are no words.

I need to be honest with you about something, I love soundtracks.  These days, the music I enjoy listening to more than any other is the kind without any lyrics; EDM (Electronic Dance Music) & Classical mostly. Don’t get me wrong, I love belting out the words to my favorites as much as the next emo guy, but there is just something more intimate about instrumentals. Lyrical music often finds itself limited by a story that the writer was trying to tell, not that each story isn’t interpreted in several different ways by the myriad of different listeners each has, it’s just that they still find themselves in a more finite zone than instrumentals. A good EDM song has ability to tickle my memory banks in unpredictably unique ways, or conversely, let me think of nothing at all, allow me to let everything go and simply exist in that moment, wherever I am or whatever I am doing.

Much of life follows the same rules as instrumental music. The living world is speaking to us all the time, it just doesn’t have the linguistical means to reach us in the ways that tend to be most effective. EMD of the mountains can be found if you hike for a long enough time and distance, and you never know when the bass might drop.  Listen to the pink sun set over a purple horizon as a chilly wind whistles through a line of green pines that stretches much deeper into the forest than the encroaching evening fog permits us to know. You don’t have to hike 10 miles in order to listen to the living world, but if you find that you’re having trouble hearing the existential song of utmost importance, it’s not a bad way to turn the volume up. Let’s chat again soon.

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