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I don’t want to sound negative, but I’m about to. Have you ever noticed how much other people’s New Year’s resolutions fuck with your shit? Of course I want people to live better lifestyles, it’s not about that, it’s about how inconvenient these short bursts of “success” are for everyone who is trying to be a better person all year round. This is not just me nitpicking, this is math!

Imagine with me for a minute what it might be like if everyone just did the right thing all year.  The gyms would have more space and enough equipment for everyone to use, even during peak times! I wouldn’t have to wait in line for the microwave at work because there would be enough for everyone! Ok, I might be nitpicking a little bit, yet my point remains the same. The reason we have less of the good things in life is because the demand isn’t there year-round. Our capitalist world revolves almost exclusively around supply and demand… well those two things & also advertising – I fucking hate advertising with the rage of a ten foot waterfall. If more people demanded(consumed) healthier foods and less junk food, you better believe that businesses would make better foods available in a very profitable way. This principle carries over to absolutely everything, everything! I’m not mad at people for making New Year’s resolutions, I’m frustrated with people for not equipping themselves with the correct tools to be successful all the time… for not continuing to try more throughout the year.

While symbolic in a digit changing kind of way, making a serious life change on the 1st of January really doesn’t make any practical sense.  I would even make the argument that you’re less likely to be successful because of all the other people trying to make the same change, taking up the resources that you need in order to be successful.  You may not know the gym isn’t normally that packed, because you don’t normally go, but it’s not.  It all goes back to what I was telling you about how the most effective voting any of us do is with our currency. Every dollar you spend is a vote, a vote that is counted in a million different ways and by a million different interested parties. We also vote with our words and our actions, though you might be surprised how much louder money talks.  Let’s talk on this more soon, c’est important.

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  1. In addition to fucking with our shit, the surge of resolution this time of year has a tendency to negate all the hard work people do who actually do those things year round, and always have. Easy to write off any good action in Jan – Feb as ‘resolution vigor’ and assume that it’ll stop just like the surge of new treadmill hogs. Other people’s good habits easily become inconsequential they probably shouldn’t. Feels a bit like selective ignorance from repetition. I know I have noticed more and more the little actions of others these last few months. Hope to keep doing so.

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