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It’s been somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks now, so maybe I am ready to talk about why I have chosen to eat differently. I’m envisioning this post as something I can send people to or refresh my mind with as the questions inevitably begin to roll in. Regardless of how long this post gets, I’ll keep the most important information, the answers to the actual questions, as succinct as possible:

Why did you decide to begin eating a plant-based foods?

It all started with the 2016 election results. Without going too much into the finer details of what you probably already know about the 2016 presidential election, it affected me very deeply that a person could say and do such nasty things and still get the support of so many Americans. Like a wallet-slap to the face, I realized that other than saying the words “I believe,” I haven’t really done anything to support any of the value systems that I claim to have. I cannot control the madness in the world, but I can control that which I contribute to it. My lifestyle change started with minimalism and has since grown to include other aspects, namely, plant-based foods(the concepts really do go hand-in-hand though).

Will you ever eat meat or dairy products again?

Probably, I’m pretty sure that Brianna put butter on our popcorn last night. Change is a process. It sounds very hippy, but success and failure is determined by the nature of whatever your “truth” is. My first truth is that I no longer want to donate money to non-sustainable practices or the profit-first – environment & people second economy. I’m not perfect, I still have nicotine issues; this is me trying. Don’t feel like you cannot make a difference in the world, you can. Find your truths and nurture them; change begets change.

How do you feel?

Great. I no longer get the “I need a nap” or “my stomach hurts” feeling after eating a full meal. You know that light-in-the-body feeling you get in the morning when you have just woken up? That unburdened belly feeling after dropping a huge poop? I feel that good all the time.

What are you doing about vitamin D and B12?

I’m paying attention to and keeping track of the nutritional information for all of my food.  What are you doing to make sure you get all the necessary nutrients into your daily diet?

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