Interesting Conflicts

When I went to write in this thing yesterday, my online journal, I quickly noticed that it had been a solid couple of weeks since my last entry. My first thought was, “you needed a break, now it’s time to get back to it,” which is my usual fallback type of response to anything that gets close to resembling failure. After thinking about it for a few minutes, the actual answer came to me quick easily: I was playing Mass Effect 3.  The revelation left me asking the question, “am I really that incapable of balancing multiple things that I love simultaneously!?”  I’m reminded of a time, not so long ago, where I was more than religiously doing my 10,000 step-a-day goal and also trying to write my first novel at the same time; the two things were unrelated yet insanely difficult to manage. To write a few hundred more words or to walk around in circles until my wrist thingie vibrates, that was the question.

~How we manage our time says everything about how we spend out time~ hahaha.

Maybe this is something to do with not just playing the game(a metaphor for almost anything else in my life), but compulsively doing so. I went from not playing any games for a solid four or five months to re-playing Mass Effect 3 everyday for fifteen or sixteen days straight, until it was beaten… and now I’m back to no games and writing. I’m not sure it’s fair to call the hiatus a “vacation”, as I really didn’t need a break from writing, something that I enjoy and makes me feel good.

Life is funny when I take the time to think about it and less funny when I don’t.

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