Gratefully ingrateful

How ungrateful am I, to have you by my side, not saying how much you mean. A friend for years, comfort through tears, always both felt and seen. Maybe it’s like this for all pet owners, as only one person I cannot say for sure, but I’ve got a feeling that all of us think about our future and the part our furry friends will play in it. Our pets are, to a certain degree, one of our biggest sources of irony; they have a better existence than many humans on this planet, yet get easily taken for granted within the grinding routines of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you shun your pet of all attention for several days on end, they still love you in a way that is hard to duplicate in the human world.

Like many other things in life, we often get caught thinking there is more time life on the clock than is actually true. I remember when our puppies turned 4 and 5 respectively, I thought about how crumby life would be without them and how thankful I was that we were at least 2 or 3 years away from having to worry about any serious issues. Thinking along timelines such as these is dangerous, not just because they could be gone tomorrow, but because time with our friends doesn’t pass at the same rate as whatever else might be going on in life. 5 years go by and we’re still thinking that there are 2 or 3 more left in the bucket. Whether I’m talking about pets, friends, of just life, everything seems to end before it’s time. We all want to be better at handling loss, none of us want to learn this skill first hand.

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