Stupid people

If there is one redeeming feature of Facebook, it’s that I’m given the opportunity to look at someone’s thoughts as they are in that moment, and often before the person has given it much thought. It’s not a matter of me recalling a past conversation, their words are alive with the sound of perusic. Now here is a phrase that I hear and see all the time, “I hate stupid people.” People I like say it, people I think are douches say it, hell, I even say it. This phrase leaves me wondering what we all even mean, if anything, when we say that we hate stupid people.

I often find myself slapping the stupid label onto people who do not agree with one or more of my opinions. It’s not necessarily the fairest way to go around judging people but I do it because it’s easy. There is no doubt in my mind that there are a large number of people who think that I’m stupid for the very same reasons that I think they are stupid. Feeling this way and saying these things doesn’t make me feel bad, as I know it’s not usually coming from a malevolent space. Still, I don’t like it. It feels like one of those thoughtless wires in the brain that fires extra bad energy into an emotionally charged situation that is probably already pretty unpleasant. Which reminds me of the lessons they taught us in my “7 habits of highly effective people” class, changing the way you speak in order to change the way you view various activities; “I get to go to work today” vs “I have to go to work today.” Both statements are technically true, the latter being the more common reflex of negative connotation.

Don’t sweat the small stuff <–> It’s all small stuff.

Time and experience are teaching me that not only is the above statement true, but it’s also misleading. If sweating equates to stressing, then no, don’t sweat the small stuff. There is a flipside to the coin in that the small stuff is important and shouldn’t be ignored. We are nothing if not a combination of “small stuff” and I’m not just saying that because I’m short :-D. Only through the acknowledgement and respect of these small things are we able to bring about meaningful life changes. Maybe “changes” isn’t even the right word, maybe it’s more like “are we able to bring about a meaningful and purposeful life.”

This journey of mine… I see you, I see you.

Chat more soon.

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