Cancer merchant

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about either of the two topics most dear to my heart; Dukimus & lifestyle changes. This morning seems like a good time to write a piece that covers both areas, an entry that has been burning a hole in my brain as they do.

Stop and smell the ridiculous things we say and do. Have you ever noticed that all serious topics eventually become jokes? Lightening the mood can feel like a necessity when you’re in the middle of some dark times, I’m not here to argue that point. What strikes me as interesting is the amount of factuality living inside these nuggets of sarcasm. The nugget that has dropped unusually hard onto my head has been the saying “everything will give you cancer these days.” What a horrific thing to joke about! Though, not really. People often use this saying to make light of the idea that we are being told that everything we do or eat can cause cancer, and if everything we do will cause cancer, there is no point in caring.

In all my years of saying and hearing this cancerous phrase, I’ve always thought about it in an “if science searches hard enough it will always find that a thing causes cancer.”  Now that I’m in the process of rethinking a lot of life things, it occurs to me that perhaps I should be thinking about it in a “humanity is becoming more and more toxic kind of way.” I think that on some level I’ve always expected to eventually die from a terrible disease. It’s easy to give into a bad idea when you’ve gotten it in your head that there isn’t anything you can do about it. Sounding familiar? This is a direct connection between what I’ve said and what I actually find myself believing… or maybe what I believe is causing me to say the words? In either case, they are both stemming from me, both habits that I can change.

I can’t take the chemicals out of my water, but I can filter it, not waste or pollute it. I can’t remove the chemicals from my food, but I can make informed decisions on what foods I do eat. I can’t stop businesses from polluting or creating terrible products, I can’t stop how our government does or does not regulate these bad practices, but I can control where my money gets spent. And maybe the first part of each claim isn’t 100% true, as the second sequence seems to exist for no other reason than to disprove the first. Maybe we can make a difference after all.

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