Too day

I’ve been sitting here watching Avatar the movie and thinking about one of the last posts that I wrote, Too Late. To consider all of that you will never be in this life is deep stuff, a pit of potential despair. I’m often getting caught up in the macrocosms of existence, forgetting and forsaking where I’ve been and where I am in favour of a future that may or may not have ever had a chance. My next big life goal is to allow myself to be present.

Each day is a lifetime. Just like on the larger scale of life that I was talking about before, I wake up with expectations, goals, and dreams, many of which that will go unrealized. Today is such an easy concept to take for granted. Instead of doing the math on how many days I’ve been alive, I’ll just say that it’s been a false confidence creating amount of days and leave it at that. I do not want to be comfortable with tomorrow. I do not want to be shocked when the last moment of life flashes before my eyes. More than anything, I want to be ready for right now, I want to be ready for never again. Such easy words to say, such a challenging beliefs to practice.


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