TTL – Time to Live

How long do you have to achieve a goal before it’s thought of as a success? I was sitting in my boss’s office and showing her my latest body composition results when it occurred to me that after 3 months of this journey there are probably still a lot of people who think this journey more a phase. So I ask again, how long do you have to achieve before succeeding? Or might the better question be, how long do you need to keep on a journey before stopping isn’t labeled a failure?

I should not and will not blame the world for how it views my thoughts, actions, and journeys. Past experiences with ourselves and others has us constantly drawing lines of comparison between yesterday and today, the unofficial mathematical equation for what we think will likely happen tomorrow. The more experience I gain in this existence, the more I find myself coming to the conclusion that life experience is one of the most misunderstood tools in our proverbial toolboxes. Like a baby holding onto a hammer for the first few years of its life, we pretend that ‘time spent’ is inherently valuable, that it imbues our brains with some indisputable value. This whole rant reminds me of how my brother Tony always used to tell me things like “I’m older than you, you couldn’t possibly understand.” He is a year and a half older than me… and while much can and does happen in a year and a half, time alone does not grant us the necessary wisdom to validate or invalidate statements such as that.

So, of course, people in my life will look upon my journey and seek to predict it’s outcome, label my reasons, and seek to compare it with their own experiences; I do these things even to myself. Failure, success, it’s all very binary and so much less meaningful than we give it credit for. Our values determine our roads. A value is not a pass or fail condition, it is a part of who you are, a value cannot fail nor succeed. If your actions do not reflect the faces of your values… then your values are probably not what you’ve been pretending that they are. That’s it. The secret of life and existence is present even now, find the courage to be honest with yourself on levels that are > binary.

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