Montage me

You know that a montage can span days, weeks, months, or even years, right? Montages are great, even necessary, for the movie magicians to piece together important yet time distanced parts of a story. Real life is so much messier than a montage. In real life, we have to deal with all of the things that aren’t shown in a montage, even the mundane details of everyday human life that just aren’t that interesting. This is where my visionary problems start getting a little blurry, where any new goal I set my eyes on begins to get a little more romantic than realistic.

I don’t have a problem admitting the role that media, old & new, has had and continues to have on how I view myself in the world. I can’t speak for the many pre-television generations, but I can say that as a member of the television/radio/media generation, I’m not the only one that has been affected as such. As sad of a reality as this might bring to light, the non-romantic side of life is often just as sad as it is happy. My montaged mind has a difficult time with the mundane, because the audience(me), doesn’t want to see the boring part, we don’t think that we have the time for it. This is why I, and my generation, have a difficult time living in the present, our eyes are ever focused on the next elusive montage highlight clip.

Previous generations probably had other distractions leading them away from being present (finding food, storing food, trying not to die), but I’m not even going to pretend what those might be as I have really no idea and no intention of googling it right now.  What I can say is that being aware of such distractions feels like the first step in waking up from a long and pointless dream sequence.  However, we all know that a first step, by itself, is not a step at all.


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