Hands on a page

The handwritten entry from earlier was cool, right? I think so, and as the primary / possible only reader of said posts, my opinion matters. Writing on an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil is still not even close to being the same as paper & pencil, largely due to the huge rubber-bound plastic case that the iPad is in, though I’m not sure how much difference taking off the case would make. All casing aside, writing with the pencil takes me back to some different times. Sure, I have computerized journal entries that date much further back than any of my paperback journals – I’ve had computers in my life for literally as far back as I can remember. Writing with paper and pencil was an on/off hobby that I did because I wanted to, not because the other capabilities weren’t there.

Writing by hand allows us to leave the little things out of the bigger picture of our creations. There are no spelling or grammar interrupting our thought processes (writing the previous sentence did that to me just now), no blinking tabs with facebook, twitter, or email updates, no ads popping up – graphite communication reduces the electronic nonsense in our brains by the millions (millions of what???). Technology is amazing. Laypeople (Without spellcheck, I would not have known that was 1 word instead of 2) have thoughtless amounts of power, able to use electronic devices in ways that both improve and impede their lives, and they do. It’s a never-ending rat race of an existence.  We might spend money on these devices as if they were our own, but let’s face it, we see what the advertisers want us to see. When I was a child, Kmart offered a free dial-up internet service that was based on the idea that the users would have an advertising banner permanently stuck to the bottom of their screen as they browsed the internet.  Do you know why that doesn’t work so well?  Because that’s a feature we’re more than willing to pay for. Not only are we willing to pay to in order to be advertised to, but we’ll even set our phones up to make notification noises each time a new sale or interesting article in available. This is life in 2017. Madness.

I’m going to write more electronically handwritten journal entries, see what creativity might be coaxed into existence. Not because I dislike writing on the computer, though I certainly do hate advertisements, but because there is untapped creative potential there. I think is worth a trip or few… just to see, just to see.

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