All the possibles

I’m considering a “me-cation” for early July of this year. I feel like I’ve made this analogy many times, but it plays now just as much as any other, so I’ll use it again: when thinking about the things I could accomplish in five days alone, it’s very similar to how I felt as a child on Christmas morning. There are many things that I could accomplish in five days alone, but it’s much more likely that I will do only a few things, several times: fishing, reading, thinking. I’d like to think that I could run every morning and write every night. Reality says, and time & space agree, that I can’t get up early to fish and run at the same time, nor would I be able to stay up late every night writing and still expect myself to get up early enough for primo fishing.

The time & space issues I’m dreaming of having problems with in relation to these possible five days alone feels like a macrocosm of my day-to-day life. There is so much time in a day, yet only so much less can ever get done. My position is one of a married person with no children.  You can imagine how I might feel as compared to people who have much more going on in their lives than I do. This logic is folly, yet, disregarding this type of internal turmoil is an ever-present mental nuisance of a challenge. Some people call it Schedule Shaming

It’s time to stop chasing time and start enjoying it instead. – Nourished Planner

^It’s not a revolutionary thought, but support is a necessity^

Many of us are brokering deals with the same demons, trying to turn a pocket full of sense into temporal dollars that just don’t exist. We’re not alone. It’s more than just our partners and friends who agree with how we are feeling, have been where we are, are going where we want to be.

I now understand what it is to give up on a dream. Losing dreams is a natural part of existence because existence is naturally limited. Sometimes we give up on a dream because it just doesn’t seem possible any longer, but more often than not, we give up on a dream because we’re living a different reverie. Remember.


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