MBcation Day 3 – When you wish upon a star, be sure to remember where you are.

A bittersweet but mostly sweet day, all in all. Other than sleeping in as we did yesterday, which we did not do today, one of my other favorite activities to start any day off with is cleaning fish. I would have rather been fishing for more fish to clean, perhaps even a pike, but the wind was kicking relatively hard at 0600 this morning, which usually only gets worse as the morning carries forward. With fishing off the morning plate, cleaning fish was the next best thing to occupy our time with.

In some meditative mind clearing ways, cleaning fish is a lot like actually fishing. You get into a zone of focus, where each fillet is different yet the same. With only a few years of filleting under my belt, I’m always trying to learn what I can do differently. There is a fine balance between getting as much meat as you can and not leaving a bunch of bones in the fillet. Filleting is a 3-part game: 1 part pressure, 1 part blade quality, 1 part finesse. Every so often, I’m able to bring all the pieces together and produce a boneless fillet with little to no meat loss… a feeling very similar to landing a huge bass or pike. Cleaning the fish only took up about an hour of our morning, Curt’s mad fish cleaning skills made each fillet turn out exactly-the-same, as if a robot had chopped them up.

The most anticipated part of the day was also the most difficult, as everyone prepared to go home for the week except for me. It was sad to see Penny & Curt leave, they are always a good time, but the most difficult part was saying goodbye to Brianna. Getting some alone time is great and terrible all at once. Up here is one of our happy places, becoming less happy and more place as I watched her reverse the car up and over the hill that leads down to the camper. Brianna summed it up best in a text she sent me after she arrived back home:

“We are both alone people but not when it comes to each other!

It’s not work to be together. We don’t have to put effort forth or even be doing something together, just being together makes life feel right.”

The rest of the night went as well as could be expected given that the rain came while I was in the shower. I had to rush back into my dirty clothes and sprint over to the camper as it poured down around me. The camper’s topside air vents were still open! Luckily for me, only a few drops had come in by the time I made it back, and I was already wet from the shower… so whatever.

The dogs and I chilled on the couch as I started my newest Drizzt book, The Companions, which is getting weirder and weirder – exactly how I like it! Here is hoping for a beautiful morning of fishing tomorrow.

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