MBcation Day 4 – After the fog lifts.

Suddenly, I was awake (The Office quotes for the win), and I was alone. The night’s rain had passed, leaving a thin layer of fog just above the water’s surface that seemed to hang there forever because there was no wind or current to push it anywhere else. The decision to go fishing or stay in was up to me and my cup of coffee, and even though it was later than I’d of liked, 0730ish, we decided to take the row boat out for a solo spin.

Two things became abundantly clear to me as I drifted around in the row boat under a very cloudy yet still windless sky. Firstly, I needed a new reel for the fishing pole; the reel on my pike pole makes my spinner lures look like they are having seizures I pull them in after each cast. Secondly, life can be really good. There was also a third thing, which I’m not sure counts as an abundantly clear moment, but Josh texted me while I was on the lake to let me know he would be arriving for some fishing, he’d be heading for my camp immediately after leaving work today.

How did I come to have a visitor on my MBcation, one might ask? Well, he loves it up here as much as anyone, and I knew it’d be fun to have a weekday visitor if he was in the mood. Two poles to catch the keeper pike > than one pole! I didn’t just ask him to come visit though, I gave him to Marty-type stipulations that would have to be met.

  • He was invited, but couldn’t tell me if he was coming until the day of. I would have had him not tell me at all, but I’d need to make sure I wasn’t out on the lake when he arrived.
  • He had to bring a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

Josh met both stipulations with flying colors, but we’ll get to that.

My day of fishing yielded only a handful of baby bluegill catches in conjunction with another handful of pikes striking my lures but not getting hooked. The entire experience was exhilarating. With no wind and a mostly cloudy sky, I was able to watch the pike as they hit my lures. I could do not but laugh at myself as I yelled out, “Oh Baby”, each time I saw a pike attacking my lure. I do this same thing when people are around, so I guess it makes sense J.

After fishing was a day filled with win, everything that I thought of wanting to do on this trip got done.

Ö Read a bunch of chapters in my Drizzt book.

Ö Create a new intermission song for season 5 of the podcast.

Ö Nap.

Ö Buy a new fishing reel.

I did these things and still had hours before Josh would arrive. Part of me wants to say that time travels differently when you’re up here, but that is just a lie we tell ourselves to justify why time seems to move so much faster when we’re not here. The reason that I’m able to accomplish so much here in such short periods of time is that I’m only ever focusing on one task at a time. We call ourselves the generation of multi-taskers when we are just a generation lacking in focus.

It’s probably inappropriate for me to blanket all humans in my generation with this observation, an observation that is certainly true for me, but I’m going to anyway because I honestly don’t believe that I’m special enough to own this one all by myself. Very seldom do I write or create music without a movie on in the background. I’m still able to create, with or without the television, it just takes me a lot longer and makes time seem less tangible in its slippery sand moving ways. I’m able to focus on single tasks when I’m up here because my options are severely limited. I have no movies, no friends or family to go see, I have only that which I have brought with me. That I do not bring more distractions with me is very telling, a piece of this conversation that should not be overlooked.

Josh and I were able to get back out in the row boat by 8:30pm, which is not so bad considering he had a three hour drive up from Lansing. I caught another non-keeper pike as well as the biggest sunfish I have ever snagged. The sunfish, let’s call him General Fin, hit one of my spinner lures! I’ve never had a sunfish hit any of my larger lures. General Fin was the size of a small bass, though we didn’t have the tap measure handy to measure. If we had kept him, which we did not, his fillets would have been big enough for a single meal. I catch fish all the time, and I usually don’t have a problem killing and eating them, but General Fin was too special for me to hold on to.  There is something fun about thinking that General Fin is still in this lake, spawning more soldiers and attacking any lures that dare enter his territory. Legends can die, but not this one, not by my hand.

The night was capped off by fireside merriment that included sips of MD 20/20, Fireball, and beer. What’s the equation for liquor before beer, before MD, before more beer, before more liquor? I guess we will find out in the morning.



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