MBcation Day 5 – Double sun day.

We did it, we were awake and out fishing by 0800 this morning. It just goes to show that even a late night of Mad Dog 20/20 can’t stand in between boys and their fish, or quest thereof. Did I want to get up? No. Did my eyes have huge potato sack bags under them? Yes. Through all of our eating changes Brianna & I have recently made, I’ve found that a dose of potassium goes a long way in curing most morning blues, even when they are Mad Dog induced.

The morning fish was relatively uneventful. Josh and I took the pontoon out for the first time together, which was fantastic, but we definitely spent more time fishing than we were catching. Unlike the previous solo morning fish in the row boat, there were no clouds in the sky this morning. A cloudless sky is usually a good thing, not so much in terms of fishing though. A cloudless sky over the lake has always meant that fishing is going to be harder for me and that the temperature is going to heat up much more quickly. The sun creates a reflection on the water as it gradually rises towards its apex. Standing in front of that reflection double bakes you, it gets hot, especially when you’re on a pontoon with no shade.

After returning to camp with naught but sunburns and happy feelings, Josh and I had a grand fish fry! I cooked up the last 24 fillets from Brianna’s beautiful Saturday evening catches. This being only the second time I’ve fried fish, the method used is effective though not at all healthy.

Method: Dry fillet, put fillet in bag of flower, shake bag, fry fillet in vegetable oil, season with salt & pepper.

Only having had a light breakfast prior to the fishing, Josh and I thought we’d be more than ready to chow down the sunfish. Oh yes, we were able to chow them all down, but it was more than we should have eaten. A fish induced 3-hour nap later, we woke back up and begin to plan for our evening fishing.

The evening fish was crazy! Just after 8:00pm, Josh and I’s hopes were sky rocketing as he reeled in what appeared to be a monster pike. One way I can tell whether a pike is going to be worth keeping is to grab hold of its belly and to see if my hand fits all the way around it… My hand didn’t even come close to fitting all the way around this pike… close yet so far, another 23” pike. I’ve always thought Brianna to be kidding around when she says things like, “1 more inch makes all the difference in the world,” now I finally understand that she’s been talking about fishing for pike. On top of his excellent pike, Josh also brought in a massive 19” bass; a new record for him and the second time he’s broken said record this year.

What is the appropriate way to celebrate a successful fishing trip? A fireside chat about all things Drizzt related and a few back and forth passes of the bottle.

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