MBcation Day 6 – Dancing in the dark.

Unlike yesterday, we did not and get up and fish this morning. Drinking and storytelling carried on well past 0100 last night, both of us knew that staying up late would likely cost us a morning outing, but the random conversation around the fire was a worthy tradeoff. With no morning fishing and storms looming on the horizon, it didn’t take long for Josh to pack up his things and hit the road out of here. It was a good and intentionally short visit; I’ll not complain about his companionship nor about getting back to my alone time.

Almost all my clothes are now some form of dirty, including but not necessarily limited to one or more of these: worm guts, fish slime, lake water wet, rainwater wet, beer spillage wet, smell like campfire, smell like BO, caked in dirt. Thinking that rain would likely keep me and my smells locked up inside the trailer today, rains that haven’t been nearly as bad as predicted, I took another shower. The only clean shorts I had to change into were swimming trunks, how lucky! I don’t have to wear underwear and I’ll be ready if the hard rain does ever thunder down from the heavens.

Today has been unremarkable yet memorable. I did more reading, writing, and music creation. I spoke on the phone with some of my closest people, conversing about nothing in particular but conversing none-the-less. The S05E02 intermission music I made today is probably one of the best tunes that I’ve created in a while, so-much-so that I put my headphones on and danced to it for more than one play through. Imagine me dancing in the dark, hints of light poking through only on the rare occasions when the clouds cleared enough for the moon to reflect off the lake. Maybe I almost tripped and fell into the fire pit, maybe I didn’t, I don’t know why people feel the need to label stuff like that.

Tonight was amazing.

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