MBcation Day 8,9,10 – It’s over when I say it’s over.

As I began shaving the vacation off of my face, I couldn’t help but think about how relaxing and beautiful the last few days up north were. Having arrived home fairly early on this Sunday afternoon means that I have some extra time. Extra time to pull the razor back from my face and look into the mirror, do you like what you see?

Brianna and I got up early Friday morning to fish in the row boat, with the pontoon scheduled to be fixed up later that evening. Getting up early, pre-sunrise, is alway difficult for me when up north but Brianna set her alarm, made sure I got up, and even put up with my grumpy pants attitude until I fully awakened 20 minutes later. We were rewarded for our efforts, both in the amount of fish that we caught and the beautiful sights we were allowed to see. The sunrise through the clouds was surreal, but it was nothing compared to the three baby deer that Brianna caught playing on the back lawn of one of the lakeside homes. Watching the fawns chase each other across the yard, darting this way and that, wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before. Nature is always streaming new content for those who are willing to put themselves in the way of beauty.

Saturday morning was another pre-sunrise fishing day, we were even able to take the pontoon out! The ability to take the dogs out with us is a stress reducer, especially as the camp ground begins to fill up for the weekend. The last thing we want is our dogs waking everyone up while we are out on the lake. And Athena can and will bark at nothing for pretty much forever.

Having Brianna at the camper was very similar to when I was alone up there, except that we got to see each other whenever we wanted, usually between chapters of our books or by the fire at the end of each night. I started a new book, The Companions, the first weekend I arrived up north for my mbcation and was able to finish it this past Friday night. Brianna started a book on the night she arrived back up here, Thursday, and finished it on Friday night as well! What. A. Stinker.

The week was a success, exactly what I had hoped & imagined it would be. I am blessed to have opportunities such as this. Not blessed by a God, just blessed to be a part of this existence. Time to take what I have and refocus it back into more positive lifestyle changes, because if I’m not working towards becoming a better person… what’s the point of any of this?

It’s over. Thanks for keeping up with my day-to-day journaling, we’ll chat more soon.


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