Late Rains & Early Fog

Volunteering to drive the entire length of a 7-hour road trip is not something that I normally do. I volunteered to drive the entire way back from our vacation spot for two reasons, one that I knew and one that my brain just figured out. The easy reason was to help Brianna out, she wasn’t feeling as rested as I. The more complicated reason was to help myself out, as I wasn’t ready to plug back into the world. Driving keeps you focused on the road in front of your face while also allowing memories to play in the background – like having a muted movie playing in the background while you write random thoughts to an online journal.

Hundreds of memories from the past week are running through my head. I think that my goal here in this entry is just to put some feelings out into the world, a task that requires no specifics.

We fell in love again lasterday, the fluttering inside my belly is more than empathy. Butterflies that may be humming birds, with wings that heart beat faster than our words. Words that told us how we’re feeling, hugs that helped us feel it’s real, a fire to show us what is missing when we are no longer in the field. A morning fog that sounds like rain is how it all began. The sun showed through and cleared the dew but our love it still did stand. We do not want to wrap our arms around anyone else unless everyone else is you. It hurts too much to say goodbye, hopefully nexterfun comes real soon.

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