Square pegs and round holes

Does it bother you that a large part of our economy’s success is based on people continuously spending money? It bothers me. I’m not a perfect saver or a perfect spender, but I feel like the U.S. economy would be in some serious trouble if everyone in this country used credit as little as I do. A particularly bothersome part of this line of thinking is that I actually benefit from the poor debt related decisions that other people make. Maybe not directly, but this red money creates jobs, funnels money into our government, it even makes a lot of innovation possible. I have to believe that all of these things are also possible within a responsible society, but that’s not what we are, so everything would have to crash and crumble before that scenario would have a chance to play out.

I do see both sides of the equation as well. During the 2008 stock market crashes, I remember how upset a lot of people were about what was happening. There were a lot of people who thought that they were being punished for something that had nothing to do with them. While I wouldn’t be happy to lose all of my retirement savings in another crash, believe me when I say that I understand many of the levels related to how our corrupt system ties into my everyday life. Locusts swarm the crops of both sinners and saints. I don’t want our world to work this way. I’d love to change our world… I have no idea how to avoid the positive and negative consequences that cycle in and out of this system.

The only explanation I can give as to why I’m even writing these thoughts is that the more I change my life, the more I see that the way I want to live my life does not fit into how the United States is built to function. Am I part of a silent revolution or are we all just spinning our wheels?

Freedom. Freedom to decide for ourselves. I just don’t know.

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