I finally started reading 1984 last night. Only 13 or 14 pages in and I already know that it’s going to be a book that I’ll very much enjoy. Having read nothing but R.A. Salvatore for the past couple years has me on the ropes in trying to adjust to a different author. However much I might be enjoying the book, Orwell’s writing makes me feel like an idiot. As a professional novelist, and a popular one at that, it’s hard for me to imagine that his grammar and editing is anything but perfect. That being said, it reads really awkwardly to me at some points. Perhaps I need to go back to a writer’s training course?

Salvator vs. Orwell. However heralded an author Orwell might have been, or however critically acclaimed his work still is, it’s going to take a lot to steal my heart away from Salvator. Both are great writers with their own styles, I’m sure, but it’s going to take a lot more than beautiful wordplay to steal my heart away from that which I love so much. What do I know anyway? I know 13 or 14 pages of basically nothing.

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