New Philosopies

I think that my experiences from the past year have me believing in a new philosophy as concerning weight, food, and working out. Working out is important for a lot of reasons – I don’t think weight loss is one of them. I think that a person in an office job can live at a healthy weight by doing nothing more than eating healthy types and amounts of calories. Is it possible to eat like a fatty and workout and lose weight? Yes. It’s just a silly thing to do. You can workout, eat right, and just be healthy. Weight loss will come whether it’s on your goals list or not, and you’ll feel better.

Working out is to weight loss as recycling plastic is to being environmentally friendly. You’d be better served by using less of the plastics when possible and then recycling the rest, which would then be a smaller amount. If this is sounding crazy, that’s ok, it is crazy by definition.  This philosophy goes against what most of our friends are doing, what companies want us to do, and it’s just not the American way of doing things. With all of these options, and a freedom to choose which we want, why not go the way of the river and choose the gravitational path of least resistance? Because that route is crazy too, it just feels normal because we accept it as normal. We are all crazy.

There are two types of people in the world, those who are open to change and those who are not. The kicker is that each one of us is both of those things all of the time. For my part, people had been telling me to eat more veggies for as far back as I can remember. It took my own unbidden epiphany to actually spark the necessary change. I mention and hold onto this personal journey of mine because it helps me to endure. Remembering where I’ve come from is the best way I have to understand where everyone else is and why they might be there. I’ve been where they are and wouldn’t listen to someone like me for nothing. That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on myself or others though. It just means that I have to be the person that I didn’t encounter, convince myself out of the bad activities and keep going into the good. There is always the off chance that I was never moved out of my bad habits because I needed to encounter my self, maybe others need to encounter my self as well? Dangerous road, I’ll jump this exit and think on these thoughts for a bit longer.

(This entry is based on a mixture of my thoughts and conversations I’ve had with Brianna & Starbird.  If you can’t steal from yourself, who can you steal from?)

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