9th Grade Lit

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.  -1984

The end of chapter 7 makes me feel like I’m back in Literature class. Our teacher is standing at the front of the room asking us questions about the reading. She is partially motivated by a desire to weed out those who, for whatever reason, did not complete the homework assignment. The other part of her is super geeked to discuss one of her favorite books with a room full of eager pupils that have not only read the book but have an opinion.  I can’t close my eyes and pretend I’m invisible or she’ll surely call on me. I can’t look her in the eyes or she’ll surely call on me.

What does the character Winston mean when he pens these words? My gut tells me that freedom only really exists for people who are willing to accept reality first. For Americans in 2018, freedom is more about the ability to do as we please, or to do as the laws say that we can or should. Winston is surmising, and I tend to agree, that a person is not truly exercising their freedom of speech if they are using their speech to spread guttural garbage. We in the United State can and do make the logical argument that speaking is in itself an exercise in free speech, and as such, is a by product of freedom. Technically true | actually false.

The above applies to all facets of life. If our words and/or actions are not authentically rooted, then the plant has no life. If the math is wrong, nothing else follows. Freedom is more than constitutional right, is it a personal imperative. From my level, it’s about being honest with my self and the story I tell my self and other selfs about what my self is. The truth in each of our life situations is not always going to be as easy as “two plus two make four,” but there are probably a lot more of these easy wins in our day-to-day lives than we’d like to admit.

What Winston is referring to is the denial of the obvious. Denial means that, in these areas which we are found denying, nothing else follows.

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