Happy Day

It’s another day of moderate importance, yay for me!  The years have taught me to be both mindful and thankful for each of these days that I’m allowed to experience. Getting older means a lot of things. The world closes in on us, fast? If something takes 30-some years to happen, I don’t know that calling it fast is an accurate statement, but in terms of a human life, maybe that is still pretty accurate.

It’s easy to take for granted the years in which you’ve already lived. As I get older, I find myself more and more thankful for what is and what has been. Being alive prevents us from not thinking about the future, because we always have to be prepared for the possibility that we will still be alive, not just next year but also in the years to follow. It’s difficult, and possibly impossible to seize the moment when there is no reason to believe that this moment isn’t anywhere near our last moment. Simply put, you can’t spend it all when you’re going to need some of it in the hypothetical future.

I want the record to show that I’ve had a few drinks before and during this writing.

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