The Day I Realized My Weight Goals Are Now In 2019

Is it a coincidence that the same day I started trying to write again is a day where I stayed up way too late drinking leftover beer from what I brought to Curt’s party?  It has be consumed at some point, I suppose.

Writing on my phone feels more comfortable than I would have ever really thought possible.  It’s not that I don’t find some level of comfort in power on the laptop and putting fingers to key, but it’s also more difficult at times.  Fact is, my phone feels normal, more normal than I’d ever have imagined.  Our Europe trip proofed that I could do it, also that I could do it and still enjoy the act of “writing.”

Brianna was making monster cookies when I got home from work today.  I have no problem turning down sweets that other people offer me but I’ve been, as of yet, unable to turn down any of Brianna’s sweets. Weight goals may have to wait until 2019.  It’s not really possible to eat a bunch of sugar and lose weight at the same time, even if you eat salads for lunch!  Funny how that works.

Not making the weight goal in 2018 is nothing more than a bump in the road.  The first step in successfully managing goals is accepting that shit happens.  To quote Jim Cramer, “discipline trumps conviction every time.”

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