Poetry Book


Twin Unicorns

They say that these beautiful creatures simply do not exist, but I’ve seen them myself and let me embellish, I objectively must insist. Angelically floating across the land on four legs instead of two, I’m always seeing double, unable to tell who is who. I never believed the stories until I met a pair myself, they look like normal people, they act like nobody else. Judgement free and full of glee, smiles that warm the heart. There is no fear quite as dear as the feeling when we must part. The funny thing about unicorns is that they were made for more than me. When you get your time and feel the sublime, I’m sure you’ll more than agree.


We fell in love again lasterday, the fluttering inside my belly is more than empathy. Butterflies that may be humming birds, with wings that heart beat faster than our words. Words that told us how we’re feeling, hugs that helped us feel it’s real, a fire to show us what is missing when we are no longer in the field. A morning fog that sounds like rain is how it all began. The sun showed through and cleared the dew but our love it still did stand. We do not want to wrap our arms around anyone else unless everyone else is you. It hurts too much to say goodbye, hopefully nexterfun comes real soon.